Balanced fashion? For LADA designer studio it means sustainable, local, right priced and longwear.  Local fabric made in Europe. Bio cotton is great, but still for 1 t-shirt you need 7200liters of water. For us it is too much if price is so low as for the item is. For that reason we catch new fabrics, new technologies, local producers. Great is recycled pet bulk, but not so comfortable. Perfect is wool, but expensive if you need really fine merino. Cotton as we sad damage nature. Silk isn´t produced in Europe. Polyester and polypropylene is made from oil industry waste. Where find balance? 

We focus on local production, new technologies and combine it with nature fibres. This is reason we use nanofibres with high tech skills. It is made in our country using czech textile patented nanotechnology. Our material contain nanoparticles of silver , yearn has special profile to avoid moisturizing, UV protection, selfcleaning effects. Half is PES from oil industry waste, half is cotton. We use wool, silk. But nanofabrics are our bestsellers. It is extra comfortable. Easy to care. You don´t need to iron it and  use softener. It is quick dry. All that cut energy consumption. It is not cheap, because it is part of sustainable fashion too. Choose well, keep it for long time and know what you pay for.