LADA by Lada Vyvialova

We are a professional Czech clothing studio with exceptional product, design and know-how. We operate on the basis of the slow fashion philosophy and pride ourselves on quality, local production and product safety.

We strive to create the most local fashion from Czech patented nanomaterials and bring truly sustainable clothing. We process the entire model from the production of the material in our studio and work with local suppliers on all accessories.

Our products are characterized by a minimalist design that keeps them relevant no matter the trends of the moment. All LADA models are combinable with each other and have countless wearing options, so even with just a few pieces you can create an outfit for any occasion. Thanks to the nanomaterial, they are also extremely functional, antibacterial, health-safe, eliminate odours and have a UV filter. They significantly reduce maintenance requirements and thus reduce energy and water consumption.

Lada Tomečková Vyvialová is a Czech fashion designer. She studied textile design and clothing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and has been working in fashion design for over 20 years. She has taught fashion design, drawing, painting and figure drawing, and worked as a creative director for Odex, Evate, Tonak and Amoené. She also designs for other brands and clothing manufacturers and enjoys collaborating on art, education and social projects. She is the recipient of ELLE, Fashion Point, Gentleman’s Essentials by MINI, Patrizia Gucci Award, Grand Prix Honorable Mention For Babies, Hatalk Mentioned Honors.

They are involved in projects that make sense and their vision and goals are shared with LADA. These include Art to the People, Bonding, Fashionrevolution, the Centre for Families and Social Care Ostrava, Technologies for Smart Cities, Love Yourself and All the Czech Republic Reads to Children.

Do you have an interest in Nanotechnology or are an enthusiast of fashion design?

Does your philosophy match ours? Do you need a partner in crime for your inspirational project? Perhaps we should join forces, so write to us! We would be happy to discuss your ideas, plans or your needs, and maybe find the way ahead together.




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For companies

We are specialists in the latest textile nanotechnologies and their applications. We design and manufacture fully functional, comfortable and healthy clothing. We work with a permanent collection of men’s and unisex t-shirts, but we also design original designer collections for private businesses or boutiques, as well as fit nano sleeves for companies. However, thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we are also able to meet the individual requirements of a particular client. We can tailor a model to your exact specifications and develop the material to meet even the trickiest of specifications, special colours, patterns or prints.



The specific properties of our products are already created during the production of the yarn and nanotechnology is integrated directly into the yarn. The basis is a polyester fibre with a diameter of a few micrometres, which, when it is made, is given longitudinal grooves that channel moisture to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates.

Silver nanoparticles are also integrated into the fibres during production. These give the fabric its specific properties. The silver nanoparticles eliminate the growth and overgrowth of unwanted bacteria and mould, giving the garment antiseptic and deodorising effects.

The special weave of some of our fabrics also creates the so-called lotus effect, which turns the water on the surface of the material into beads that flow easily. As they flow, they carry dirt and dust with them. This makes the textile resistant to dirt and other influences.

As an added benefit of the silver nanoparticles, there is also a UV filter that prevents unwanted penetration of radiation to the skin. All of these properties are permanent and cannot be removed by washing or during wear.

Characteristics of LADA models

  • antibacterial
  • odour elimination
  • wicking sweat away from the body
  • self-cleaning effect, effective against droplets
  • quick-drying, keeps skin dry
  • temperature regulation thanks to special fibre profile
  • UV protection
  • unlimited functionality
  • easy-care without ironing requirements
  • shape stability does not shrink with repeated use
  • environmentally friendly solution that is sustainable and cost-saving

Nanomaterials are not a marketing slogan for LADA, but a reason to produce new clothes at all, of which there is generally a surplus in the world. Thanks to the benefits of garments sewn from nanomaterials, it in turn contributes to the reduction of clothing pieces in the wardrobe. In addition, innovative materials significantly reduce maintenance requirements, thereby reducing energy and water consumption.

In addition to designing models, LADA also deals with nanotechnology as such, is a member of the Association of Nanotechnology Industry of the Czech Republic and is dedicated to innovations in technology, products and services. It can use nanomaterials to create collections for runway shows and designer boutiques, as well as sew hundreds of functional T-shirts and fitting nano-sleeves for companies.


Thank you for wearing us! Share with us and those close to you the joy of a well-fitting, sustainable garment. Share your photos in your favorite LADA outfit and tag us on Instagram @ladavyvialova or #ladavyvialova.

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